5 Handy Morning Life Hacks


Are you always late in the morning, despite all of your extensive planning?

Here are some morning life hacks for you so you save time while preparing for the day.

1. Brush your teeth in the shower. Two birds, one stone.



2. Wrinkly shirt? I bet that straightener will conveniently work as a quick and convenient iron.


3. It may sound funny, but leaving the house with your shoes untied can save plenty of time. Rather, you can do something productive at a red light before you get to your destination.



4. Surprise yourself, leave change in your pockets! Its a present from you to you! When you don’t have enough time to make breakfast, you just may excite yourself when you realize you have a few quarters in your pocket for the vending machine.


5. Always keep a mini deodorant around. People can deal with a toothpaste stain on your shirt, but the smell of the morning hustle is a bullet no one wants to bite.