Bruce Jenner Announces He’s A Women


Bruce Jenner, the Olympic athlete turned reality star announced on Friday, in an interview with ABC’s Dianne Sawyer, that he identifies as a women. While the full story is on our sister site, BuzzFeed; I, wanted to address this story from the view point of not only an Editor-in-Chief but, as an LGBT person.


Coming out is a process. For me, it only took 14 years (I came out at 14). For Bruce, it has taken 65. While, it has taken him his whole life, he admitted his truth. He is living as himself, and he’s doing it well. As the patriarch of arguably, one of the most prominent families in the world, he is in a great position to do great things. There’s nothing more to the story.


He’s doing him. Peace, love, and happiness. ✌