Sex Ed In The US


Sex Ed in important. Something that everyone agrees with is that no one wants people that cannot handle their own sexuality engaged in behaviors that can lead to unwanted pregnancies or an outbreak of STIs. Science proves that the best method overall, is to educate people on the best behavior and tools to meet their sexual needs and wants. This includes safe (safer) sexual behaviors and the contraception and protection. However, sex ed in the United States is seriously lacking. As Dr. Lindsey Doe, Doctor of Human of Sexuality, former professor at the University of Montana and host of Sexplanations Explains:



Even comedian John Oliver brought up the topic on his weekly talk show.


Sex ed is seriously lacking and it has real consequences. If you’re looking for information on a healthy sexual lifestyle, we highly recommend Sexplanations.
We need new standards for sexual health in the United States. To find out more and to see what you can do to help go to: